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LakeForms is a dynamic interactive public pavilion that invites residents and visitors into the Minneapolis Convention Center plaza, where they can relax, explore and learn about Minneapolis’s urban lakes. The pavilion is a digitally enhanced scale model of the lakes’ underwater topography. Their individual topographies are inverted and joined together to create a single sweeping, curvilinear form that becomes a striking and innovative architectural presence in downtown Minneapolis.

The interior of the pavilion offers an interactive, eco-focused, and information rich environment, comprised of a data-driven, algorithmic sound installation, which illustrates the ecology of Minneapolis’s urban lakes and their changing use over the summer season. The data for this environment is collected by a custom-built “smart buoy,” which contains a cloud computing microcomputer powered by solar panels. The buoy will be moved between various lakes over the summer and transmit real-time data via wifi to LakeForms, including wind-speed and direction, ambient light intensity, and water and air temperature. Audio field recordings will also be collected from the lakes’ surface and banks throughout the summer, such as the sounds of swimming and water splashing, laughter, boating noises and animal sounds.

By symbolically bringing the lakes into the urban core, LakeForms realizes the city’s Convention and Visitors Association’s tagline, “City by Nature.” Visitors will have a chance to physically relax upon and enter a rendition of the city’s urban lakes, which are the city’s heart. The extension of the plaza lawn up into the pavilion structure draws attention to the city’s extensive green spaces and illustrates the city’s symbiotic relationship to nature.

LakeForms was a finalist in the 2013 Minneapolis Creative City Challenge.

Listen to the sound sample on soundcloud.

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Project Credits:
Futures North: Daniel Dean, John Kim, Adam Marcus, Molly Reichert
Sound Design + Programming: Jonathan Zorn, Will Kent-Daggett
Landscape Consultants: Travis Van Liere, Tory Christiansen, Carrie Christiansen
Structural Analysis: Ben Arcand
Fabrication Consultant: Sam Daley